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Saturday, 14 December 2013

Secrets for Great Oral Sex By MsNaughty

We don't usually post other peoples content to our blogs but i came across this piece from   and found this a great read so thought i would share it with you guys.
This week I wanted to do something slightly different. People still seem to be scared of oral sex, particularly cunnilingus, so to help you out, I thought I would do two posts: one on cunnilingus and one on fellatio (blow jobs, although fellatio sounds more sexy). To ensure you get the best bang for your (virtual) buck, I wanted this to come from the perspective of a woman receiving cunnilingus and a man receiving a blow job. Thus, my sexy partner, Tom, who up until now has only made an appearance as a subject in my posts, will write the post on fellatio and I will write the one on cunnilingus.
Lick her pussy until she purrs
First, your attitude to oral sex is key: you need to find it sexy and be willing to spend enough time on a woman to make it as pleasurable as possible. If she feels like it is just a token gesture and you don’t really want to be down there or will only do it for 5 minutes until you get bored, it will make her feel uncomfortable and less likely to cum.
Start off, as always, by kissing her, feeling her body with your hands: your desire for her is incredibly sexy. Lick her nipples and neck, kiss her stomach and ass. You want to tantalise her and get her in a state of arousal.
When you have teased her sufficiently with kisses, licking, nibbling and anything else she enjoys, move down to the beloved pussy. Don’t dive straight in, but tease her further, licking her thighs, coming nearer and nearer to her pussy then veering away. Circle her arsehole with your tongue and give her a playful nip on her bottom.
When she is practically begging you to lick her pussy – or even forcing your head down to it – then go for it, licking her pussy lips and clit with the tip of your tongue. Keep it light still, you want to still tease her a bit, while letting her feel your tongue and hot breath on her cunt.
Flick your tongue across her clit and pussy, moving down to her arsehole, pushing your tongue into it for a few seconds, then moving back up to her pussy. You want to stimulate as many areas as possible.
Next, ramp up the heat: push your tongue into her, pulsating it. Bring your hand up and start rubbing her clit with your finger. It should be a small, sideways motion to stimulate it the most. Alternate rubbing her clit with tweaking her nipple or massaging her breast, making her nipples stand out pert and hard. Slip a finger into her arsehole if she likes it, while still rubbing her clit. I find this incredibly hot, because you have the stimulation from the clit and the naughty sensation of having your arsehole toyed with. You can slip a finger in her cunt too and pump it in and out, finger fucking her. Personally I would never like more than one finger in my pussy, because it feels strange, but see what your partner likes. It is never as satisfying as having a cock, or other pleasurable things you can do to her pussy and clit, so don’t spend too long on it.
When she seems thoroughly excited and aroused, come round to her side (Tom prefers my right hand side because he can then rub my clit with his right hand) and start rubbing her clit and pussy with your fingers. You will probably need some extra lubrication, so keep wetting your fingers or spitting on her pussy (if she likes it) to make sure it’s nice and wet.
This is when you can start talking dirty to her. It can be just choice phrases that are hot and turn her on like, “You’re a bad girl, aren’t you, you like it when my finger’s in your ass.” Or you can go for the full-blown fantasy. As I mentioned before, my favourite (and Tom’s) is naughty school-girl. So you could start by saying something like “You’re a naughty girl getting your pussy rubbed in your professor’s room when you should be in class.” Keep rubbing her clit the whole time. Then ramp it up, explaining what you will do to her: “I’m going to punish you because you’re such a naughty girl. I’m going to bend you over my desk and spank your little ass. Then I’m going to take off your little white panties and taste your wet cunt.” I guarantee that if you have a hot fantasy and rub her clit with fast, side-to-side motions, she’ll definitely cum. The trick to getting women to cum is to engage all of their senses – both physical and mental – so having a fantasy to entice her in works incredibly well.

The last thing I want to mention about oral sex on women is that you should always ramp up the heat, taking things faster and to the next level instead of slowing down. Unlike with men, I find that I need fast stimulation to my clit to orgasm. Slow at first works, but keep increasing the speed until you reach a good pace. Let her take her time; after all, if you give her a mind-blowing orgasm, she’ll likely want to return the favour.
The only thing i would add to this for you guys out there is when she is about to cum and she grabs hold of your head and pulls you in tight keep licking the clit, she will be trying to hold your head still as she orgasms but if you keep the tongue action going it will really give her something to scream about.  Trust me!!!!

These guys know what they are doing and i'm sure these ladies are having an amazing time and a fantastic climax just like me lol.

Monday, 9 December 2013

Threesomes - Is There Anything Better?

We must be some of the luckiest people in the world. We are a fun loving sexy couple that own our own sex shop The Pleasure Zone and also work as a couple escort. Yes that's right we escort together as a couple and get paid to have 3somes or 4somes every week or so!!!!

 Whether we are having a FFM   

 Or if its a MMF                         

We just absolutely love having sexy fun with other people.  Its so much better having sex with other people as it gives you more time to look at whats going on, you get to see things from different angles and you get to see the joy on each other faces.

For me i really love it when Zoe is sucking another mans cock and i am licking her pussy, i try to lick her clit so well that she has to gasp and stop take his cock out of her mouth to breathe.  Its like a little game i play to see how well she can handle it lol.

And now to the FFM encounters these are what most men out there dream about.  Now for me having 2 pussies and 4 tits and 2 arseholes there is a real treat, but what get me going the most is seeing them pleasure each other while pleasuring me, for example while one of the is sucking my cock the other one is licking her pussy.

This means i am getting a great blow job while watching some female pussy licking, what gets better than that i hear you say well how about the picture we have above while i am fucking away she is licking the pussy and then every now and then i just pull it out and stick my dripping wet cock in her mouth and let her suck all the juices off and then ram it back in the other one pussy- AMAZING!!

Oh and of course the icing on the top is that we actually get paid to give this fantastic service to people and help them to act out their fantasise.

Chris & Zone
The Pleasure Zone Sex Store
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Saturday, 7 December 2013

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Working Hard

Well i have been working very hard to get the new Pleasure Zone site up and running.  Who would have know it would be so much work creating your own sex store rather than renting a site through a company??

Now the long grinding challenge of promoting and linking the site with other people or sites begins.  If anyone has any useful hints or suggestions then please feel free to contact me at or through the main site The Pleasure Zone.

Lets see what the future months shall bring??


Mr C DeBond
The Pleasure Zone